Chocolate tips!

How to Melt Chocolate.
Tips for successful melting: follow directions carefully. Do not overheat; these products scorch easily. Microwave directions have been tested with microwave ovens ranging from 500 to 700 watts (output). Times given are to be considered guidelines; microwave ovens differ in timing and heating patterns. Stirring frequently is important whether using rangetop directions or microwave directions. In the microwave oven, chocolate and other chips will keep their shape and may not appear melted after heating, but will become fluid after stirring. Handle glass microwave dishes with a hot pad after melting; the container may be hotter than the contents. Wash and dry the melting utensil thoroughly after each use. Any residue will affect the taste of the chocolate. Do not allow chocolate to come in contact with moisture during melting since this can cause lumping, tightening or “seizing.” if this occurs, add one or two tablespoons shortening, such as crisco, for every six ounces chocolate; stir until fluid. Do not use butter or margarine since these may contain water. Do not use oil since this may prevent the mixture from setting up which is especially important if it is being used for a glaze. Break baking chocolate or candy bars into pieces to speed the melting process.

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