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BANANA TORTE, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings


  1. Hey Cakester,

    Thanks for the slice of Banana Heaven!! I don’t think its actually named that, but I gave it that name after I had a slice of it last Friday.
    Thanks for letting me stop by and pick up the slice, it was great!


  2. This Banana torte cake is the best cake in the entire world. It melts in your mouth like banana cream pie blizzards from dairy queen. Great for the hwole family.

  3. Cakester,

    This cake is AMAZING! It is like having sex with a banana I cannot get enough of it!!!

  4. Paulo Medeiros |

    This delight has a fantastic taste that is not overpowering,a combination of the whole banana slices with just the right amount if iceing. Overall i would rate this cake as a 10 and a personal favorite. Youve done it again Spin

  5. This is my favourite cake so far – I had it for my birthday this year and I have to say that it was the best cake I have ever had! I don’t usually like “cakes” since in my previous life before meeting the cakester, they had always been dry and the icing too sweet and granular. But Mr. Spindle has MASTERED the art of making cakes that are SUPER moist with icing that is perfect: not overly sweet and super soft without that granular feel between your teeth. Well done Mr. Spindle!!!

  6. WE WANT BANANA TORTE WE WANT BANANA TORTE WE WANT BANANA TORTE….I wonder how many times I need to say WE WANT MORE BANANA TORTE….Till I get to relish in the deliciousness and sexiness of the BANANA TORTE!!

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