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75 TH B-DAY FLOWER CAKE, 10.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings


  1. WOW… you don’t even need words to describe how amazing this is! The cake speaks for itself. Look at the detail in the flowers! By far the most amazing cake I have ever seen

    Great Job!!!!

  2. Brother Matt |

    OMFG!!!!! Man that cake is awesome the flowers look incredible. Impressed would be an understatement keep it up!!!

  3. I almost want to see the cakester holding this cake himself to believe he actually made this!!!! Talk about talent!!!

  4. This cake was the most amazing cake I have ever seen! The best part was that it tasted just as amazing as it looked! It was great! The flowers were so life like that some of the kids wouldn’t eat them cuz they thought they were real. They tried smelling them instead!!!! Amazing, amazing job Jamie! Thank you so much!!!!!

  5. I absolutely loved this cake, it was the most beautiful cake i have ever seen. The colours were incredible and the flowers were so gorgeous, the best part is how amazing it tasted just as wonderful as it looked yum yum. I knew you were gonna blow us away with it, Thank you so much. Gramma says she loved it “beautiful and delicious” and to say thank you and great job!! Awesome cake Jamie thanks again.

    I ate the last peice today mmmm good to the last bite!

  6. wonderful job on the cake. loved every last bite. YUM YUM. looked surreal, i wouldnt want to cut it.

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