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  1. This was awesome to watch the process for this piece of work, another fine creation by our friend: Cakester good work buddy.

  2. Ans (from The Netherlands) |

    I have seen your beautiful products here in the Netherlands. Wow, how special are they. You and your partner (Mom) do a great job. The car is a favourite overhere and my sons love the skateboard!! They even checked on the net to discover any differences and they did not see any of course they taste like they look: marvelous! We wish you a lot of success!!

    Greetings from Sint-Oedenrode, The Netherlands (Europe)

  3. I love Jeff Gordon and i think this car speeks for itself! It doesn’t look that big but i heard this cake weighed about 45 lbs is that true? I must order a cake soon before you get too famous!!

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