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OREOGASMIC, 10.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings


  1. I love the name, I love the look and dammit I love the CAKE!!!! Thanks Mr. CAKESTER!!!

  2. loved it!!!! worth the wet walk in the rain..again another tastey delight. keep them comin

  3. OREOGASMIC Cake? Hahahahaaa…
    Cake looks really good man, I’m a sucker for Oreo too.

  4. this was awesome i am on my way back for more, i have always had a soft spot for oreo’s, man i finished an entire bag of milk with this one LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  5. Brother, Such a tasty Cake. The name says everything about it. I love Oreo’s and this filled my craving no problem. Keep em’ coming Cakester!!!!

  6. all I can say is OEROGASMIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    One piece was not enough!

  7. Well like I said, one peice was not enough.

    I ordered a whole cake and finished it in 3 days. This has got to be the best cake I have ever eaten. I know I say that about all of the cakester cakes but its true. They are the best cake you will ever eat. They should come with a disclaimer. Once you go Cakester you will never go back!!!!!

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